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Hero is a web-based document search and review solution. It's fast and easy to learn. If you can use Google, you can use HERO.

75% of litigation costs occur in the discovery phase. Dramatically reduce those costs with HERO.

You can overcome any document review challenge. What would be possible for your firm if you could instantly search 5 million pages and refine, annotate, tag, star, code and print your results?

HERO is high-tech leverage for small firms facing large problems or big-firm adversaries. Government dump 10 DVDs on you? No problem. Opposing counsel turn over 5 hard drives? HERO doesn't blink. You will be searching all of those documents in one easy interface in a matter of days.

HERO levels the playing field. It gives intuitive access to millions of documents through a web interface. You get lightning fast page review that is just like flipping through pages of paper.  Because HERO is so fast, you get more work done.  Because HERO is web-based, you can work from anywhere, on any computer or mobile deivce.  An unlimited number of people can access all the documents at the same time and work collaboratively.

Because HERO is made by lawyers for lawyers, you can consult with a HEROesq on every deal. These are licensed attorneys who help you over the hurdles of organizing discovery. You will also receive 4 hours of complimentary training and litigation support from your HEROesq.

One HERO client is searching 6 million pages of emails and documentsin under one second. They found unredacted pages the government had buried, which contained exculpatory evidence about their client.  HERO found that needle in seconds, despite the government's haystack.

We'd love to demonstrate how HERO helps you find key documents, know your case, and be a HERO.

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