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Powerful.  Unlimited.  Inexpensive.

Looking for a needle in a haystack? Just get a million documents of discovery dumped on you? Did you get a hard drive full of information and you don't know how to meaningfully search and review? HERO gives search and review plus remote access.  It's the fastest, most cost-effective solution on the market.

Other products require bloated installations and have complex features that only an engineer can understand. HERO is easy to use like Google, and requires no software install. Make sense of millions of documents in days.  You won't believe how fast HERO returns results.

When you compare the competition with HERO, nothing comes close.  HERO gets you through all the documents faster and for less.






Price for 40,000 pages $5,500 $9,000® $13,000 $65,000
Remote Access Yes No No Yes
OCR Yes No No Yes
Single search of 5M pages Yes No No Yes
All document types Yes No No Yes
PageFlip™ Yes No No No
Data import included Yes No No No